Looking for some entertainment for that big kid inside you? We have amusements suitable for adults. From the gladiator joust, bumper balls, bungee run,putt putt golf, super sized jumping castle and slides. Any of these will bring your party a life.

XXL Jumping castle The horse jumping castle is an real eye opener. Biggest and bounciest adult castle in Australia. Suitable for all ages. 10x12 meters required.

Gladiator Jousting Ring
Two challengers mount the podium and then try to knock their opponent off. Great entertainment for adult partys. Area required 6x6 meters.

The bungee run t
Two participants are straped to a bungee rope. They then run and see how far they can go before it pulls you back.
Area required 3x8 meters

LARGE INFLATABLE SLIDES Great for all ages. 8m high always a big hit a any event.  Area required 9x12meters

    Zorb Bumper Balls are with out a doubt the coolest fun in town. Crash, roll, flip, bounce ortumble in complete safety and comfort. Play zorb sumo wrestling or sumo soccer. Area required 7x7 meters.

​Sumo Wrestling

Our sumo suits come complete with headgear and floor mat ready for the match. 
​Area required 5x5 meters.