Our Carnival Amusement rides are fully supervised by our professional staff. Safe and fun there is something for everyone. Mini jeep gokarts, swing ride, merry go round,zorb balls. Team them up with some inflatables and maybe some fairy floss for a fantastic fun day!


The Swing Ride also known as the chair o plane ride. This ride is a real crowed pleaser at all events. Suits children from 3 to 15 years of age. With a capacity of 20 children at one time means you will never have to wait in line for very long.
Area required 9x9 meters.

The Merry Go Round has 4 horses and 4 canoes. Great for the little ones from
2 to 12 years old.
Area required is 8x8 meters.

Let the kids teach their parents how to drive in our mini jeeps. Two seats completely safe and loads of fun. Mini jeeps can operate on a level area of grass, asphalt, concrete etc. A must for your next special event. Suits all ages, but driver must be over the age of 6 years unless accompanied by an adult. 
area required is 20x20 meters.

Giant Zorb Balls are the coolest fun in town. bounce, roll,run in complete safety and comfort of the 3 meter ball.
Zorb bumper balls are fantastic entertainment for school fetes, sports presentation days and corporate events. Suitable for children 3 years old to 16year old.
Area required 10x15 meters.

Give your event the real carnival feel with our selection of carnival games