Looking for some thing diffrent? Our interactive games are great exersize and a lot of fun for any event, Sports presentation day, christmas partys, school fetes, or fundays.

Gladiator Joust
Two challengers mount the podium and then try to knock their opponent off. Great for kids of all ages even adults. Area required is 6x6m.

             Sumo Suits 
Sumo wrestling complete with headgear
​and 5x5m padded floor for the match 
​Suitable for children 12years old to adults 

Get tangled up with with the inflatable twist up game. Great fun for the whole family. Area required 4x4 meters.

Sumo Soccer is entertaining to watch and a heap of fun to play! Roll, crash or flip your way to scoring a goal, Inside an iflatable arena. Suitable for children 10 years old to adults. Area required 15x15 meters.

The Bungee Run.
​Two participants are straped to a bungee rope. They then run and see how far they can go. Suitable for children 7 years to adults.
Area required 3x8 meters.

Our 5 hole Putt putt mini golf is great entertainment for the whole family.
Area required 7x7 meters.

     Hungry Hippo 
The hungry hippo game is great fun for the whole family. 
​4 player are strapped to bungee cords and run to middle and retrieve balls. player with most balls win!
​Area required 9 meters round.


​is a huge 4 meters high with 3 diffrent

Area required 5x5m