Select from our qualitiy range of jumping castles. For your next event, corporate function or backyard party. Our jumping castles have fully inflatable walls which you can jump against, open fronts for easy access and visiblity. Rain/shade cover to keep the dew off in the evenings or the sun out during the day.

 Party castles
            4x4 meters in size. Great for backyard partys and tight areas.
suitable for children age 2-10years old.

    Large Castles
5x5 meters in size. great for any event. With bouncy floor and bouncy walls you no were the kids will be!
 suitable for children of all ages.

XXL Jumping castle
10x12 meters in size. This is as big and as bouncy as thay get! Its huge. Great for all ages.

two level castles
5x5 meters in size.
These castles have two jumping platforms with blow up bollards which can be knocked down, jump over or punch. Suitable for children 2-12 years old.

Slide castle combos
5x5 meters in size. This Castle has jumping room with knock down bollards and a slide that gives it that added bit of fun. Great for children 2-12 years old.

Playland castle
6x7 meters in size. This castle has knock down bollards and inflatable actives. Great for children 2-12 years old

The Cactus Saloon Obstacle Course
3x15 meters in size. Race your friends though the inflatables obstacles, finished with a slide. Suitable for children 2-15 yours old.


Team them up with a large slide and the        merry-go-round for a fun filled day.